Sunday, August 16, 2009

Top Ten Things You Need to Know About Google Maps Local Business Center

1. Google Maps Local Business Center is making some folks rich and impoverishing others. Plumbers, locksmiths, hotels and others are in locked horned battles for positioning that is costing the losers plenty of money.

2. No matter what any so-called expert tells you, there is no possible way anyone can guarantee you top positioning on Google Maps Local Business Center. While we all hope that there is some justice in the algorithms used by Google to determine positioning on Google Maps, it is clear that the complexity of the system makes it impossible for humans to figure out the rules.

3. It is true that you can reverse the words in a key phrase and get different results. Similarly, you can add the state and get a different result than when just using the city.

4. Side-by-side zip codes in major metro areas my see one zip code or city with a 10 pack of companies showing next to the map, and the next zip code or city might not have a map at all.

5. You can take down your listing and put it up the next day and get a better ranking.

6. As with all things Google, the more relevant your Google Maps Local Business Listing, the more likely it is to rank toward the top.

7. Studies done by others, not me, indicate that reviews do matter, but that the rating on the review does not. I'm skeptical.

8. Google, City Search, and others have entered into an agreement to post reviews from each other's sites on their sites. This creates more relevant content.

9. Not having a catchy picture on your Google Maps Local Business Listing makes no sense at all. It's free and easy.

10. Rankings are clearly dependent on having information on the listing that can be confirmed on other listings and your website. If the address, phone number, and/or company name are different on other listings or on your website, it can dramatically effect your listing.

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